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Denim Light Blue Jeans with Kevlar ®

Denim Light Blue Jeans with Kevlar ®

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John Doe Denim Light Blue Jeans with Kevlar ®        ... mehr
Produktinformationen "Denim Light Blue Jeans with Kevlar ®"

John Doe Denim Light Blue Jeans with Kevlar ®                                                          

The majority of manufacturers fit only partial patches of Kevlar ® into their 
cargo pants/jeans giving you only partial protection not so with the John Doe

In the John Doe pant You will find a reinforcement liner made of 100% DuPont™
Kevlar ® fibers all the way round the leg from top to bottom (Made inGermany), 
plus an inner liner to help wick the moisture from your skin which also stops chafing 
making them the most comfortable pant available for riding.

Cool to wear when its hot, but keeping you warm and dry when its cold and wet.      
They also come with pockets in the knees for protection (not included at extra cost)
which is the latest high impact absorbent armour (c.e.approved) whichs both light
weight, comfortable and will mold itself to your body shape.

They also have a draw string at the bottom of each leg, tie them up and tuck
them upwards this will stop the wind and the rain from shooting up your legs
when riding and they are also water repellent, if you are caught in the rain
you should stay dry for at least an hour or two maybe longer.

There you have it "John Doe jeans" more practical
than other type of products less heavy than leather, with just as much protection,
and can be worn just like a normal pair of pants/jeans cutting down on the
amount of clothing you need to carry saving you weight and space when
touring on a motorcycle.     

Additional information

• John Doe is an official licensee of DuPont ™ Kevlar ®


• Reinforcement liner made of 100% DuPont™ Kevlar ® (Made In Germany) 
• John-Doe ® Breathable Water-Repelltent Textile Technologie ®
• Inner mesh lining for comfort and breathability                         
• Armour pocktes on the knees 
• Weight: ca. 1.200g (Size L length 32)

Important: The protectors are not included.


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